Importing 3D Objects

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Importing 3D Objects

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I saw that Madrix 5 now has the ability to process 3D objects for pixel mapping and my understanding is this is performed through generating slices. Can you please explain this process and also what 3D file types are accepted.

Thank you!
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Re: Importing 3D Objects

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Hallo xenu,

With MADRIX 5 it is now possible to import a fixture list which was exported form a 3D visualizer or a CAD software in MADRIX. Of course this fixtrue list has information about the position in X, Y and Z.
Under the following link you can learn more about the fixture list import in MADRIX 5: ... mport.html

The fixture list must be saved as CSV file. It is not possible to import another file format in MADRIX.
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Re: Importing 3D Objects

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Hey Xenu,
we recently had to do this very thing and ended up developing a custom patch in Grasshopper (for Rhino 6) that takes a 3D model and allows you to set a number of pixels along a spline and export those x,y,z coordinates into a CSV. it's not a very streamlined process, and it seems like everyone is on their own to create a system that works for them. I can talk to you about how we did it if you want, PM me
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