How to build ceiling grid with pixel tape

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How to build ceiling grid with pixel tape

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I would like to build a ceiling grid with led strips. I actually have a ceiling matrix installed, but I would like to turn it in to a grid by adding strips running the opposite direction to the strips I have installed. My question, for anyone with experience, how do i do this logistically, as far as crossing the strips? Is there a simple method of doing this? I'm just wondering if people usually just run one strip over the other, or what? And how to map it? The only thing I've done with madrix so far is make a simple 2d matrix, so I haven't actually attempted to map anything with the editor. Thank you for any and all help!
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Re: How to build ceiling grid with pixel tape

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Hello FX_lighting,
Welcome to the MADRIX forum.

To create a patch of a grid in MADRIX one opiton is to use 2 different Z-Layers. One Z-Layer consits of all vertical orientated fixtures respectively lines and one Z-Layer consits of all horrizontal orientated fixtures.
For the MADRIX software it is equals if a new line of fixtrues will start with a new DMX universe or if the next line will start at a DMX start address without interruption of the universe. It is only important that the DMX start addresses of the patched fixtures are matches with the real installation.
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