Chinese Controllers with screen capture function

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Chinese Controllers with screen capture function

Post by Peppermill »

It is quite common to find people very proud of their ligthing works made using Chinese made controllers suchs as Ledwalker and Xinboled's T-1000, T-2000, T-4000 with real time screen capture and T-8000 with real time screen capture. All of this controllers have a screen capture function wich allow the users record all FX Madrix has to offer without paying a single dime by simply pausing recording when the "NO MADRIX KEY" gets in the way and this is good for arrays as big as 2048 pixels. I have paid big bucks for my licenses and it annoys me to find people making profit out of the demo version.
My suggestion is. why not in future releases of Madix V2.XX you guy make the "NO MADRIX KEY" legend to run faster like in the Madrix V3.XX so it will be more dificult to those non paying license users to get a decent set of scenes?
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Re: Chinese Controllers with screen capture function

Post by Wissmann »

I see, we will see what we can do.
LEDs are nothing without control ;-)
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