Sending and receiving data from two software at the same PC

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Sending and receiving data from two software at the same PC

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  • There are running 2 ligthing control software at the same PC like MADRIX 5 and MADRIX RADAR.
  • One software is sending the data like Art-Net, sACN or ArtRDM packages to the second one.
  • But the second software won't receive the data from neither from the first software nor from any other devices in the network.
The reason for the issue:
The issue is cause by the network socket management of the Windows operating system.
Always the first started software which will use the network socket will be able to send and receive the data. All other software are only able to send data to the network.

How to solve it?
Simply start the software which should receive (and send) the data as first one and the software which only should send data as second one.

Example 1:
If you want to control MADRIX 5 remotely with another lighting controller software at one nad the same PC, you should start MADRIX 5 as first software.

Example 2:
If MADRIX 5 and RADAR should run at the same PC and MADRIX will send lighting data to the fixtrues plus RADAR should monitor the RDM data of the fixtures, you have to start the RADAR software before MADRIX.
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